So my mother used to say, “Days that begin with ‘Hardin ng Pangalin’ are better than days that did not.”
Mornings at the Las house when I was growing up were never complete without the sound of the very familiar voice and distinctive accent of the Rev. Proceso Marcelo in his “Hardin ng Panalangin” program on 702DZAS.

My working mom always woke up the earliest. The first thing she ever did as soon as she entered the kitchen was to reach for the switch of her black cassette/CD player/radio right above the microwave which was always tuned to that station. No one dared re-tune that set. At 5:00AM, she would start to whip up breakfast. At 6:00AM “Hardin ng Panalangin” goes on the air. That was about the same time I always walked out of my room. By the time I sit at the breakfast table Pastor Proceso will be on his devotional segment which he always began with, “Ang pagbasa ng banal na kasulatan” (The reading of the holy scriptures). His short Tagalog devotional messages always helped to start the day right! He also loved to feature music by local church choirs accompanied by the blaring sound of the Hammond Organ: “Yan po ay handog na awit mula sa Kamuning First United Methodist Church,” (That song was brought to us by the Kamuning First UMC) or “Tanging bilang mula sa koro ng IEMELIF Cathedral” (Special music from IEMELIF Cathedral choir). After some musical selections, he always shared his calendar with his listeners: “Ang inyong lingkod po ay magiging tagapagsalita sa Ebenezer IEMELIF sa darating na linggo; sa susunod po naman ako ay nasa UNIDA church sa Silang, Cavite” (Yours truly will speak at Ebenezer this Sunday; next week I will be at the UNIDA Church in Silang, Cavite). He spoke at so many IEMELIF, Methodist and UNIDA churches that I thought he actually belonged among the ranks of Methodists and other mainline churches. It wasn’t until I started working with his musician son, Jungee at Greenhills Christian Fellowship Worship Ministry nine years later when I realized that the man was an ordained minister in the highly Pentecostal Assembly of God denomination. After his litany of speaking engagements, he shared prayer requests sent in by listeners. He always began every prayer with the words, “Manalig tayo na ang Diyos ay tumutugon” (We believe by faith that God answers). By the time he finished praying, I would be done breakfast and ready for school. On many occasions, whether in the school bus, in my dad’s van or sitting behind him on his big bike, I found myself singing: “…sa hardin ng pananalangin,…doon si Hesus naghihintay.”

It was in 2003, I believe, when a tribute to Pastor Marcelo was held at Greenhills Christian Fellowship and was attended by hundreds and hundreds of his avid listeners. I was already on staff in the church and Jungee was a Ministry Team member. That was the very first time I have met the man who helped start my days right all through high school; the one whose encouraging words, “Manalig tayo na ang Diyos ay tumutugon” echoed in my head in times unrest and need; whose messages from God’s Word became bread for my spirit.

Today, the Rev. Proceso Marcelo went home to be with the Lord in Valencia, California. He treads along the winding garden paths of heaven’s parks with His Saviour, “and the joy they share as they tarry there none other has ever known.”



  1. the spiritual giants of my generation are passing on one by one. ka esong is foremost among them… I praise God everyday for men like him…. Looking forward to seeing him in heaven where I believe he will be given a room closer to the Savior he so truly adored and loved all his life.

  2. Rev. Proceso Marcelo spoke twice in the 1980’s Anniversaries of our church- Bayanan IEMELIF Church in Muntinlupa City through the invitation of my late uncle Bishop Bernardo C. Zapanta, a friend of his. His “Hardin ng Panalangin” was aired for more than a decade on our local PA System which the whole community hear. It not only gave inspirational early morning messages but served also as a sounding “ALARM CLOCK” to all students and workers hurrying their way not to be late. Our immediate community appreciated much his messages as feed-backed by many. Surely the Reverend touched life of countless people and up to now our deacons are using his anecdotes in their sermons.

  3. totoo po ito Ms. Cathy…malaking bahagi ng buhay ko ang Hardin ng Panalangin. Hindi rin buo ang araw ko d ako makapakinig tuwing 5:30am. Kaya naman kumuha na ako ng 2 vol. ng Hardin ng Panalangin cd. Patuloy po kayong pagpalain Ptr. Marcelo maraming salamat sa pagbahagi ng inyong pagpapala.

  4. About four years ago when I was on my short vacation in the Philippines, I went to National Bookstore located in SM Bicutan, Paranaque. While browsing, the books with title “Hardin ng Panalangin” caught my attention and I flipped few pages and read it. I found it very uplifting and inspiring. I bought the whole set and brought it with me in California. On November 1, 2009 I personally met Pastor Proceso and asked him to autograph his books. He signed and wrote “1 Peter 5:7 Leave all your worries with Him, because He cares for you” (Ipagkatiwala ninyo sa Kanya ang inyong mga kabalisahan sapagkat Siya ang kumukupkop sa inyo). I am deeply saddened of your leaving because I will never see you again but deep in my heart there is joy you are now with our God Almighty face to face in eternity. This is not goobye rather till we meet again.


  5. Several months ago , my classmate Noel Vengco were talking on the phone and we started talking about Pastor Marcelo. Hardin ng Panalangin is one of the radio programs of DZAS that our parents usually listen too.You can’t avoid listening to it because the radio is always full volume.( i know some of you can relate to this ) Right at that moment Bong and i we started singing the team song of Harding ng Panalangin. How can you forget that song and that voice. He has been a guest speaker at our church, Manila Bethel Temple, and also at
    Mary Johnston College of Nursing chapel service. thank you po Pastor Marcelo for being a part of our lives.

  6. ano po yung kantang laging pinapatugtug pagtapos ng msg ni pastor marcelo, girl po yung kumakanta, im 22 yrs old ako mula grade 1 pa lang at naghighschool lagi ko naririnig yung kantang yun, at napapanaginipan ko ulit yun ngayon, ano po title nun? minsan naalala ko yung lyrics ngayon d na

    pls reply po salamat

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